Things that make the school day go well

Punctuality: Need to be at school by 7:50. School starts at 8:00.

Absences: Keep to a minimum. Please phone and let us know anytime a student will be absent or will be leaving early. We can makeup work ahead of time if we know your child will be absent. A written excuse is required for each absence.

Dress Code: Please make sure your student is in dress code before you leave home. Wait at drop off for dress check.

Homework: Please ask each afternoon about homework. Check to see if the student has completed work and sign homework slip.

Lunches: Students need to bring their lunches in the morning. Please do not send food too complicated for your child to prepare.

Convention: Convention projects are a large part of the school year for our older students. Please help them obtain the supplies they need for quality projects.

Phones & Gadgets: Cell phones will be collected if brought to school. Do not bring iPods or other gadgets and toys that distract from school work.

The Good News

While most of what we discussed here may seem to be the “negative” aspects of the school environment, there are far more positives. First and foremost, how glorious it is that you as a parent are taking steps to ensure your child knows Jesus, talks to Jesus, walks with Jesus, and accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior! With a world geared toward entitlement, selfish attitudes, and a general belief of “what’s in it for me?’ thank the Lord we have a chance to help raise your children to understand that they are “Chosen” by God who loves them as they are. May we help them see that God gave us this life to bring glory to Him. May the children see that only they can accomplish being good, just, and holy with God’s mercy… and the reward is eternal.

While a job well done should be its own reward, students who have good attendance, do a good job scoring, achieve daily goals, and complete chores will be eligible for the reward system at the end of each quarter.