Academic Honor Roll

Good grades have much more to do with organizational skills, desire, and a good work ethic than they do with intelligence. At Grace Christian School we strongly believe that everyone can achieve Honor Roll status. The following are the Honor Roll requirements.

  1. Have completed and passed the minimum work for the quarter or year.
  2. Have an A or B average in all subjects.
  3. Have no quarter or yearly average lower than B-.
  4. Meet attendance and detention requirements.


Homework must be done and scored properly or the student quickly gets behind. A student is expected to complete homework if he did not meet his goals for that day during school hours. A student who chooses not to meet his daily goals and the resultant homework will be take through the steps of discipline.


Private schools are required to adhere to attendance laws. A tardy student will be in detention for that day. A student who is tardy more than 4 times per quarter or has 3 unapproved absences will be required to attend a makeup day. A parent will be required to attend the makeup day with their student. Attendance that becomes a problem will result in disciplinary steps. A written excuse is required for each absence.


Chores must be completed in a satisfactory manner. Not doing chores will lead to disciplinary action.

PACE Work and Scoring

PACEs are the very essence of the educational goals for our students. Decades of experience by Christian Educators have led to this impressive system. The guidelines set forth must be followed to ensure the most positive outcome possible for the students. Whereas we have the freedom to manipulate certain aspects of the system for the good of each student, the fundamental elements of the system are sound.

  1. Work must be done as neatly as possible. If a teacher feels the neatness of the work is substandard for the child’s performance level, they will redo the work.
  2. Answers to questions are in the preceding text. While we are more than willing to help with any confusion pertaining to the information being taught, we do not expect the student to constantly ask for help in finding the answers that are obviously present in the text. Of course, younger students are given more help and latitude until they learn the system.
  3. Do all work in pencil unless told otherwise.
  4. Do not skip any page.
  5. DO NOT work past a page that requires a supervisor’s initial without getting the initials first. If doing homework, a parent is to initial these pages before the child can continue.
  6. When all work is finished, the student is to go to the scoring table to check work. Make all grading marks with a red pen only. Do not take pencil to scoring table. Corrections are to be done at the student’s desk with a pencil. Return to scoring table and rescore. Each page number is to be circled in red, once it is scored and everything on that page is correct or corrected. Do not circle a page number indicating all work is complete and correct unless it is TRUE.
  7. Staff will check PACEs at random times. Any requirements not met will lead to disciplinary steps.
  8. Any PACE that is damaged or lost will need to be replaced at the rate of $5.00 each. This fee also includes any PACE that must be redone for whatsoever reason.